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Rep. Romarate calls for unity

Amidst disunity and political divisiveness brought about by the recent election, reelected Congressman Guillermo “Jun” Romarate Jr., made an appeal to all his political opponents to bring back the old camaraderie and friendship they used to enjoy.

In a recent press briefing, the solon said it’s now high time to achieve unity among political warlords so that progress and development in the city and province would then follow.

“I am appealing seriously to my political opponents to please help us build better our place to live in,” Romarate said.

The lawmaker said he is calling for the involvement of persons who have extensive experience in public service to help him for the betterment of the whole constituency of Surigao.

“Awhagon pod nako ang akong mga kontra sa politika nga makig-join force na; sigi lang diay ta magkontra ug magdaut-daut,” Romarate stressed.

He claimed there is no permanent ally in politics because it changes eventually.

“We must always remember there is no permanent alliance in politics. Now we are allies, tomorrow we may be opponents; that’s how politics is being practiced in our country,” the representative noted. (Roel Catoto/Super Banat)


Anonymous said...

It is right for an elected municipal officials to boycott her/his own oath taking because she/he does not like the winning party? then is it legal for her/him to collect salary if she /he does not attend the session which is part of her/his duty as a duly elected municipal official?if so this is a mockery and blatant disregard of our political system. can the COMELEC force him/her to resign since she/he is not doing her job and dont want to be a part of the govt body of this town . because maybe she/he has a high regard of herself and those around her /him are below her/his level. ? .what about replacing her /him with the next SB member with the highest number of votes who can serve better the people of the town that she/he is supposedly serving?I AM SURE EVERYBODY KNOWS WHO THIS PERSON I AM REFERRING TOO. RADIO MOUTH RUNS FAST.

Anonymous said...

In fairness to all the members of the duly elected municipal officials of the town of claver I would request that this arrogant SB member who boycotted her own oath taking to resign. So these newly elected officials can perform their duties well for the betterment of our town . They can replace her position with another elected SB candidate who recieved the next highest votes.maybe claver will be better off without her.well of course after the decision of COMELEC? RT? It is so sad that the people of claver voted for this woman , If I am to decide they should not vote for this kind of person again, such attitude does not have a place in philippine politics. you should be humble and set aside your differences when your party loses , that is the part of the game , you want to be elected to serve the people , that is an immature and selfish ideology to do a thing like you are doing. such a pity for a person of your kind.

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