PCG Assists Indian Marine Officer

On or about 161014H June 10, a Filipino seaman 2nd Officer James Vilmon A Napago of M/T Aquarius Voyager of Nassau registry called CGS Surigao thru cellphone informing that one (1) of their ship’s crew 2nd Officer Cyrus Behram Aga an Indian National was sick of fever and needs assistance to be brought to hospital for medication.

As per information received, said vessel was underway from Long Beach, California, U.S.A. enroute to Saudi Arabia and since Surigao City is the nearest city for their sick crew, the ship’s captain coordinated to rendezvous on coordinates Lat 09 degs 53 mins North, Long 125 degs 24 mins East or more or less 1 NM WNW off Surigao City on 170500H June 10.

On or about 170500H June 10, personnel of CGS Surigao in coordination with medical doctor of Quarantine, Bureau of Customs and Quick Action Response Team of Surigao City onboard Mbca D’ Collector departed to meet the vessel and pick up said crew and on or about 170745H June 10, proceeded back to port of Surigao City and brought said crew to Miranda Family Hospital for treatment with no untoward incident. M/T Aquarius Voyager on the other hand, continued to proceed to her next port of call. (Coast Guard)

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