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Speaker wants to know status of cult leader-turned-solon

Just how did cult leader Ruben Ecelo Jr. get out of jail and into the halls of Congress? Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. wants to find out.

Prompted by a Philippine Daily Inquirer report saying that Ecleo was allowed to leave jail because of severe heart ailment even though the crime he allegedly committed was non-bailable, Belmonte said he would ask about the real status of the lawmaker.

“I wasn’t aware about the case of Ecleo, I only knew about it yesterday. . . yes, we have to find out exactly what is his status,” Belmonte told reporters in an interview.

Ecleo, 55, was allowed out of jail six years ago for humanitarian considerations after his cardiologist told the court that he was a walking time bomb and could die any time of coronary heart disease.

But prosecutors now want him back in jail, saying he was not really sick.
Ecleo, supreme leader of the Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association (PBMA), was charged with parricide for the death of his wife, Alona, on Jan. 5, 2002. The couple was then living in Sitio (sub-village) Banawa, Barangay (village) Guadalupe, Cebu City.
Alona’s body was placed inside a garbage bag and dumped in a ravine in Dalaguete, a southern town of Cebu.

Asked if the House would provide refuge for Ecleo in case his bail got cancelled, Belmonte said, “No.”

“In fact, he won’t be able to get his salary if he cannot render service here because he is prevented by the official action of another government body,” he added.

“According to newspaper accounts, representations were made that he is super sick and he has to be operated on or something, now I understand that the court there are scheduling hearings on this on the question of the bail, . . . for humanitarian considerations, . . . but definitely we are going to find out what’s the real score,” Belmonte said.

Ecleo won in the May 10 elections to claim a seat for the lone congressional district of Dinagat Island. Ecleo replaced his mother, Glenda, who is listed as one of the richest lawmakers in the chamber. (inquirer.net)


Anonymous said...

Walking time bomb!!?? excuse me!!a clear case of a lawyer and a doctor in cahoot to fool??!! the courts...and they buy this kind of reasoning? i guess only in the philippines that this can happen...let's say for the sake of argument/s that it is true (however and whatever interpretation you want) then, the more that he needs incarceration as he's a danger to explode anytime and cause damage to other people!!How stupid!! and everyone in jail has to follow his example and claim they are a nuclear bomb ready to explode if they languish in jail!!! big baloney!!! tick, tick tick...ha ha ha kaboom!!!

Anonymous said...

Do lifestyle check of his mother former Rep Glenda Ecleo too how she build huge like Disneyland mansion in Dinagat Island, where did she aget all these moneys from monkeys? c'mon

Anonymous said...

Speaker Belmonte, have a look at his case and if it is indeed honorable to have this guy as part of the congress.

Anonymous said...

It is a mockery of our justice sytem if we let this guy go scoot free. Does he deserved to be called HONORABLE BEING ELECTED AS CONGRESSMAN IN DINAGAT ISLAND? WHAT A JOKE.

Anonymous said...

...and to think, dinagat is no longer a province (if i read and heard it right) How many Tongressman does surigao need or Governor??!! too much ado about nothing!!!Hello!!! maybe Belmonte will not just look into it (pretty much abstract) but instead, make it one of his house agenda and line item priority...or maybe i am talking to afour-walled room and hear nothing but echoes of my rantings hahaha...

Anonymous said...

What is the big deal of this word HONORABLE. ? it is a joke. even the lowly barrio captains and their SB AND SK members are called as such . That word does not have any meaning anymore it is being abused. I would prepare the word HONORABLE , to be addresed only to president, VP. senators, congressman ,governor and mayors. maybe this people want this position because of this title. what is so honorable if these people are so corrupt they dont deserved this title. It should be abolished. why cant we just address them as MR PRESIDENT AND SO ON. OTHER COUNTRIES DO IT. HERE IN THE PHIL A 3RD WORLD COUNTRY AND ONE OF THE POOREST COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD IS OBSESSED WITH THIS WORD HONORABLE .IT IS THE MOST ABUSED WORD IN THE DICTIONARY.WHAT HAPPENED WHEN THEIR TERM ENDS ,? ARE WE GOING TO CALL THEM EX-HONORABLE OR EX-CONVICTS, IF FOUND GUILTY OF CORRUPTION.THAT WILL DO.

Anonymous said...

...yes you're very right , ono pa man na angay man ininglison nan 'honorable' na puyde man sab na sinurigaonon ra kan ... bagan mas gana pa pamati-on kon an itawag dila "ono-ra-kan-ton" (whatever it is) o kaha, "unuran man ton" (has the nerve!!)hehehe, kabibo gajod!!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha this is one of the example na honorable an title pero dili kon honorable baja hamok man ini sa congress mga baga nan nawong inday sab basin tuyog ton ato Ginoo nan magkalat ini sila ....

Anonymous said...


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