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2 Surigaonons, 1 other share P4.79-M Mega lotto jackpot

January 2011 continued its lucky streak for bettors of the on-line lotteries of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) with three more winners sharing the P4.79-million jackpot of Mega Lotto 6/45's draw Friday.

Manny Garcia, Publicity and Public Relations Department (PCSO)-PPRD), said two of the winners bought their winning tickets with the combination 11-25-16-30-26-04 from a lotto outlet at Rizal Street, Surigao City, Surigao del Norte, while the third placed a bet at No. 3094 V. Rama Ave., Cebu City.

He said the winners may show up to claim their prizes this week.

Each winner will have a tax-free p1,596,757.80 from the P4,790,273.40 prize money divided equally.

From January 2 alone to January 15 (there was no draw on New Year Day), 14 lotto patrons have realized their dreams of making it big through the PCSO's lotteries.

Records show that a lone winner grabbed P61.31 million on Jan. 4 from the Super Lotto 6/49 draw; a winner of Mega Lotto's P11.15 million on Jan. 5; one winner for Grand Lotto 6/55's P47.21 million also on Jan. 5; six sharing the P4.95 million Mega Lotto pot on Jan. 7; one more lucky Super Lotto bettor on Jan. 11 for P16 million winnings; still a Mega Lotto winner of P7.81 million on Jan. 12; and the three on Jan. 14.

Of PCSO's four lottery games, the 14-day period showed that Mega Lotto proved the easiest to win, yielding 4 hits. Super Lotto has two hits, and Grand Lotto has one.

PCSO's lotto games started in 1995 under the leadership then of its chairman, Manuel L. Morato, during the administration of the then President Fidel V. Ramos.

PCSO, now under Chairman Margarita P. Juico, continues to rely strongly on its lotto revenues to fund its medical and health programs for indigent Filipinos.

In 2010, the on-lotteries generated P27,078,292,100.

When the first lotto game, Lotto 6/42, was launched in 1995, it earned P2,631,727,230.

PCSO then launched Mega Lotto on May 17, 1997; Super Lotto on July 16, 2000; and Grand Lotto on April 19, 2010, which replaced the unpopular Power Lotto.

The on-line lotteries' revenues continued an upward climb, starting to break P10 billion a year in 2004 with P11,316,808,910. In 2009, it was P23,439,878,450.

Lotto revenues go to the Prize Fund (55 percent); Charity Fund (30 percent); Operating Fund (15 percent); taxes, printing costs; to the Philippine Gaming Machine Corp. (PGMC), a Malaysian company that has been the system provider for PCSO since 1995, among other expenses. (mb.com.ph)

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