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DPWH Surigao Norte implements big ticket projects

Massive road rehabilitation projects worth P181,767,000 million pesos are being implemented by the DPWH, Surigao del Norte 1st Engineering District, Surigao City, under the stewardship of OIC –District Engineer Linda A. Uypala. The project implementation is along the stretch of the national highway of Surigao Wharf Road, Surigao City, – San Juan Coastal Road, Surigao Agusan Road section, Surigao-Davao Coastal Road and Quezon-Mapawa-Capalayan-Espina Navarro Road.

These projects are under the CY 2011 Regular Infrastructure Program of this district. It involves rehabilitation of 8.425 km. damaged paved road and asphalt overlay of 5.827 km, with exception sections due to good road condition construction of cross drainage (1-barrel R.C. Box Culvert) and concrete pavement of 0.91 km. gravel to paved road.

To meet the set agency target this district is prioritizing these infrastructure development program in support of President Aquino’s agenda in improving the country’s rural infrastructure network to promote economic development and create job opportunities in the area. (DPWH/PIA-Caraga)


CriticalThinker said...

I hope the P 181 Million is actually used in infrastructure projects. Please update on this.

Engineer Linda A. Uypala, we are watching you.

karaanboguy1 said...

Isn't P181 M so overpriced even by todays standards on Pre-existing road restoration on a mere 15+/- Km.? (when computed across the board amounts roughly to P 1M+ per Km.!!)What is (was) the Public Highways "GE" for this prior to bidding? was it entered as a negotiated contract? by whom? or it is an in-house project(DPWH)...$$$ tingali an rate na ila tag-gamit sanan by the hour an sweldo nan tanan involve like New York or California (Caltrans) pricing structure with double lanes on either side..hehehe

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