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City Barangay Officials Throw Support For Cocoy Candidacy For Mayor in 2010

The recent count of support thrown by barangay officials in the city of Surigao for the coming bid of Vice Mayor Salvador Rico Sering, for city mayor in 2010, has reached 78% or a total of 42 barangay captains out of 54 barangays comprising the city of Surigao, together with 90% of barangay kagawads and purok chairmen, strongly backing up their respective barangay captains, supporting the Vice Mayor.

The count is based on the barangay officials and purok chairmen who voluntarily went to the residence of former mayor Salvador Sering, and personally pledged and signify their whole hearted support, and requested the Vice Mayor to run for mayor come 2010 election.

Lyndon S. Barbers got 11% or 6 barangay captains, Ernesto T. Matugas 9% or 5 barangay captains, while Eduardo Arriba got 1% or 1 barangay captain, respectively for their bid for mayoralty position.

All the barangay officials and purok chairmen affixed their signatures to affirmed their presence and support to the candidacy of Cocoy Sering for city mayor of Surigao. In fact, interested persons can verify the veracity of the survey from the barangay officials themselves in the 54 barangays of Surigao City, so they can attest the true facts rather than fiction as compared to the internet survey probably commissioned by an interested candidate also for 2010.

The present figures with a margin of plus or minus 3% is considered the most accurate of all other surveys now prevailing in the city of Surigao with regards to political alliances for city mayor.


Anonymous said...

From Youth group;
I would like to comments about the latest result that Arriba is the number 1 because the truth is COCOY SERING is the number in the heart of the people in Surigao CIty

Anonymous said...

Kamusta mga alo! Kan Nitoy Matugas da lamang kami for Mayor nan Surigao City..... hinog na!

Anonymous said...

Pa-English English pa ini. Paghunong did on.

Inday ono kahay himoun ni Cocoy Sering kon sija'y ma-mayor kay an mahitabo si Goding gihapon amoy magbo-ot sa pagpadjagan.

Pagmata na kamo mga Surigaonon, pagpili na kamo nan tinoud na mohatag dijo nan serbisyo publiko. Hamok na proven sa Surigao na politiko na wayay taghimo, ajaw na ini sila iboto.

Anonymous said...

yay mapili balitaw!

Kung si Cocoy modaug amora si Goding gihapon an Mayor!

Kung si Nitoy, nah arang na man ka snub! Kita kami sa Manila nagsugat kami di na mopansin!

Si Doc Doc paloma-loma way kwarta!

Si Robert Lyndon Barbers inday lamang pero in fairness basin nag otro na sab ini si Lyndon

Nan Hambog ra ba si Tony Consing na sija nagpa lagpot kan Lyndon sija kunoy nag build up he also destroyed Lyndon!

Ya man say mapili sa ila! Tsk Tsk Haman ta?

Ayyy Tama si Rod Catoto rakan pagka Mayor! Vice Mayor Manny Kong Bibo pa! Hehehe ....

Anonymous said...

cge lamang kun snub or dili karajaw mo smile c nitoy matugas, as long he gets the job done, ok ra tingale..... performance and results amo tagnahap ugsa Nitoy Matugas for mayor gagud....

Anonymous said...

May diperensa gajud inin mga barangay officials sa Surigao. Ya pa gani an election tan-awa sugdan naman pamulitika. Hoy pagtrabaho anay kamo. Ya kamo masipog sa mga noboto sa ijo. O sabagay ya may klaro kon inboto gajud ini sila.

Anonymous said...


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