NPA to suspend offensives during Siargao surfing fest

The communist New People's Army (NPA) won’t mount offensives in Siargao Islan during the invitational surfing competition there, the National Democratic Front has said.

"We guarantee this to the people of the island and to the international and local tourists who will participate and witness the surfing competition and visit during the fiesta celebrations of General Luna, Surigao del Norte," it said on the Communist Party of the Philippines website Wednesday afternoon.

The NPA, however, apologized for firing shots in a recent attack on the old municipal hall that surprised and unnerved some people.

It said the NPA made sure that no civilian was caught in the crossfire and had ordered the Red Fighters to stop firing once police forces surrender.

Also, it said the NPA medic treated a wounded policeman and made sure that the other who also wounded was brought to the hospital.

"We apologize for what happened. We also wish to inform some of the island residents whose cellular phones were confiscated that we will return or pay the unreturned units. Some of the units can no longer be returned because it got wet and were left when the NPA encountered the enemy when they withdrew to Claver. If you are one of those whose mobile phones were confiscated by the NPA, please inform us through announcements in the radio stations in Surigao City. Please include the type/brand of the cellular phone and your real name, we will pay for your lost units," it said.

But the NDF said the NPA will continue to take steps to stop the growing illegal drug trade in the island.

It said it will continue to gather evidence against drug pushers, drug lords, and their protectors.

"We call on the enlightened Surigaonons to help the NPA put an end to the illegal drug trade in the island, to secretly provide us with factual data against the drug lords and their protectors. Revolutionary justice cannot be effected without the people's support," it said.

It said it will also continue implementing the revolutionary agrarian reform program to defend the interest of the peasantry.

"Land grabbing is a serious crime committed against the people. Cases will be filed against unrepentant land grabbers or despotic landlords, they will be tried in the people's court and be punished based on the degree of their crime if proven guilty," it said. (GMANews.TV)


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