Former Mayor Sering Debunk His Political Critics

It appears that camps against the up-coming candidacy of Cocoy for City Mayor is concentrating on their attacked on me rather than of my son. Probably because, no issue they can point on to cocoy sering’s political career and character.

The former City Mayor said, that criticism brought about him were all old, obsolete, and overtaken by events while others were product of ignorance and lack of correct information. He said that the issue of political dynasty is baseless and without merit and a product of ignorance lack of correct grasp of the true meaning of the words, implying that the word dynasty is the dynasty implied to the Chinese rule way back from 14th to 16th period. Dynasty in the previous is autocratic forms of government were the ruler determines his successor, without the people intervening the rulers decision.

Our present democratic system is far from different because our leaders were chosen directly by the people and not by the incumbent holder of power. Our congress attempted to pass a law on this regard, but somehow stacked and failed to do so, noticing that there is no such thing as political dynasty in truest meaning of the word. The older Sering said that when the people elected the next keen or relative in lieu to the position held by the same family lineage does not mean family dynasty, because it’s the people choice expressed in an election process and not appointed by the incumbent member of the family holding the position. Another issue implied by some of my detractors is with regards to my alleged treatment with my past political alliances, passing rumors and lies, intending to poison the minds of the Surigaonons, and that I have allegedly outsmarted them with treachery in pursuing my political ends, were all blatant lies and fabricated, sering said. In fact the people of Surigao never believed on them, and spoken their way out, and elected my son Yayay as City Mayor of Surigao, who unexpectedly meet an accident and died, before he complete his term, and then when I encourage my youngest son Cocoy to run for City Councilor, the people backed him up to the council, and in spite that he failed to complete his term for health reason, the people elected him to his present position with an overwhelming vote as Vice Mayor of our city. The psychological reason, why people elected the relatives of the family who were in politics, is based on the performance of the latter, Sering said. Probably the people of Surigao looked upon my record of performance as former mayor of Surigao, sering continues, I transform Surigao into an entrepreneurial city and lay the economic foundation of the city, by constructing commercial buildings, such as a new public market, bus terminal, city hotel and what is now known as metro surigao building, just to name a few. Almost if not all barangay roads were concreted, seawalls constructed at island barangays and completed Surigao City Boulevard. Main streets were provided with modern street lighting during my term. These factors were perhaps the reason why the people trusted members of my family and elected them to public office sering explains.

With general election coming on tract in 2010, I caution the people of Surigao to avoid tourist candidates aiming for local positions while residing outside the place they purportedly intend to serve sering concluded. (Noel Fazon)


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