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Search for Mutya Nan Surigao 2008 is On

After an absence last year, organizers have again set in motion collective resources and efforts to revive the Search for Mutya Nan Surigao and bring fame to Surigao by finding a true representative of beauty, intelligence and elegance! She and her entourage will become Surigao’s official delegates to the national Binibining Pilipinas, Mutya Nan Pilipinas and Miss Earth Philippines contests.

Mutya Nan Surigao. The Most Prestigious Pageant in Surigao.

The Mutya Nan Surigao seeks to crown deserving women who possess the elements of Beauty, Intelligence, and Elegance. A woman who can carry the weight of her crown.

The official logo depicts the three values of beauty, intelligence and elegance born on the crown of the Mutya as the three stars. The purple color is a sign of royalty and refinement. The graceful woman seen prancing symbolizes the modern woman who is fluid, adaptable and graceful. The crown also resembles the Trident symbol reflecting the sea nature of Surigao and the closeness of its people to the water that surrounds Surigao and its islands.

Mutya Nan Surigao Universe, Mutya Nan Surigao Pilipinas, and Mutya Nan Surigao Earth will be the awards awaiting the deserving ladies, who shall become the official candidates of Surigao to the national level competitions. These ladies will also be Surigao’s ambassadresses of beauty during social functions and parties of the City and Community.

The Search for Mutya Nan Surigao is held every year during the first week of September as part of the Charter anniversary and Fiesta celebrations of Surigao City. Eligible candidates must be high school or college students of Surigao City and Surigao del Norte schools, 16 to 22 years old, at least 5’4” in height, must be fluent in both written and spoken English and Tagalog languages. As an ambassadress of Surigao, she must be knowledgeable of Surigao’s history, culture, tourist attractions and modern facts.

Official Awards



Official Schedule for Search for Mutya Nan Surigao 2008:

*Presentation to Media 2 pm, August 23, 2008, Kapihan Nan Surigao, Hotel Tavern Surigao
*Courtesy Call to Officials 8 am, August 28, 2008, Surigao City Hall and Provincial Capitol
*Tourism Tour 1 pm, August 28, 2008, Daydream Laguna Resort, Day-Asan
*Courtesy Call to Sponsors 1 pm, August 29, 2008, Surigao City Hall and various establishments
*Charter Day Parade 8 am, August 31, 2008, Surigao Boulevard
*Pageant Night 7 pm, September 2, 2008, Surigao Provincial Convention Center

Tickets will be sold at P100 and P50 on Pageant Night. This is an annual project of the Surigao Tourism Council Inc. with Mr. Jake Miranda, Chairman, as Producer and Organizer, Ms. Alice Espejon as Chairperson for the Search Committee, Ms. Roselyn Merlin City Tourism Officer as Coordinator, Mr. Gregorio “Goyong” Go as Pageant Director. Mr. Bermund Ugalde, as Project Officer can be reached at Telefax: (086) 826-7716/826-0264, and Mobile No.: (0922)849-6444.



Anonymous said...

Yes Ninoy indeed is extraordinary person in extraordinary times!

But as of this moment,let us pause for a while and think that while Marcos regime was totally booted out in the palace.

We face same problems over and over again! Here's why

Unknowingly although less animalistic, subtle in their ways, there are many little some look and act even like Marcosses lording over barangays, towns, provinces scattered like cockroaches very fast to multiply in our country today.

Look the Kingdom of Romualdezes in Leyte, oh my.. they live like Kings and Queens !

Let us not go far, in one town of Agusan del Norte alone, the Mayor is the husband, the wife is the vice mayor, two councilors are brother of the Mayor, two barangay captains are Mayor's relatives, one even is his sister in law.

The contractor is the Mayor although he named his construction firm to dummies.

But this it is not in that small town alone, where voters because of poverty with open arms sometimes legs sell their votes to the Mayor who before joining politics just commute tricycles and ordinary passenger jeep. Now he owns an array of luxury cars while his constituents are wallowing in poverty.

Others have already migrated to Metro Manila working as GRO, some are pimps, others houseboys, factory workers, (please pardon me I don't have anything against them for I believed they are just victims of this rotten, feudal, dynastic society).

But what's new down here caraga region except that it is home of super dynastic families, the Plazas rule Butuan City and Agusan del Sur for 50 years already from father to mother, to sons, daughters, the Amantes rule Agusan del Norte as if there is no end, the Pimentels in Surigao del Sur who also ruled for decades now owners of big mining firms operating right at the heart of the province, the Barbers after the father ( may God bless his soul) the sons maybe the holy spirit next.

Matugas clan, the Serings, Navarros what else and the small dynasty in barangays where the husband is the barangay chairman, the tresurer is the wife, the barangay kagawads are their sons and the long list keep on coming and coming, again and again.

The corrupt government employees who used red plate vehicles for official use also as if there is no end, the crook financial managers, some corrupt Commission on Audit personnel who say "Commission tayo o audit?" And some unenlightened COMELEC and corrupt regional directors,others.

Maybe the Philippine intellectuals focused on the larger perspective in the defects of RP political system little knowing that the cockroaches (the ones I mentioned above) are slowly overtaking, swarming like virus the already defective Philippine society

These political dynasties are far more worst than the MILF, the NPA and all insurgents and insurectos combined because while they pester our lives in an open, blatant, violent means these cockroaches mentioned were eating as Filipinos whole slowly but surely as if "killing (especially us the poor" softly" .

Anyway to family of Ninoy, my salute to my hero, Ninoy Aquino!

May his thoughts not the t-shirts dwell in our minds, felt bu our hearts forever!


Anonymous said...

inin pagpost nan search for mutya nan surigao is far more better than the surveys for city mayor and provincial governor that you posted right even in the homepage of this blog.

what can surigaonons get from surveys? WAYA!!!! puro katinontohan kay pag-abot nan eleksyon ibaligya raman nijo an ijo boto. pila man? kantidad ba nan 100, 200, 300 pesos O pila man gajud. kay matud pa nila, tungod sa kalisud kuman, dili na kwarta 0 kahon an NAME OF THE GAME but KWARTA 0 KWARTA NA!!!!

unoy may intensyon nan pagsuvery-survey nijo? pagpadako nan pusta 0 pangwarta gihapon? UWATA TITS!

MOTUO KAMO NAN SURVEY-SURVEY? TINONTO JAON NA DAKO! matud pa ni Mano Oguing Navarro, "Hasos alo, kwarta ray katapat nan iton." di ba nodaug sija nan jadton last taym na nokandidato sija pagkakongressman sa surigao del norte with only 18 days of campaigning!!! tiaw mo, kwarta ra ton Alo.

uwataaaaa! survey-survey, pila may kita nijo gikan sa mga tawo na ijo cliente kay klaro man gajud sin-oy nag-una pero pag-abot nan eleksyon, mangikog man!

Anonymous said...

This is from one of the concern citizen of Surigao City, I just simply say The winner is ot the Losser

Anonymous said...

In fairness to the Serings, they only have one politician in the family at a time. Unlike sa Matugas and Barbers who are really planning to take over the whole province and city kay asawa, in-laws, anak ug uban pa, plano mukandidato!. Sa makauna ra. So may I suggest my fellow voters, bahinon ta ra kan sila para may "check and balance".

Congressman Dist I : Lalo Matugas
Congressman Dist II : Jun Romarate
Governor : Ace Barbers
Mayor : Cocoy Sering

And sa mga municipalities wala tana ka apelyedo or relative nan inin mga sa taas.

Good suggestion di ba?

Anonymous said...

This Search Nan Surigao is ulog-ulog para sa mga naglisod o purdoy na mga Surigaonon.

Its like giving candy to a crying child. baratohon pa gajud.

Mga lideres nato diri amo ray nahibay-an mga bonok-bonok, bayli2x sanan Search Search (huna2x ini nan mga bayot) pero an batakan kinahanglan nan mga katawhan waya, waya, waya

Anonymous said...

Uman bahinon pa man an mga puesto... Let democracy works. Let the people be the judge sa elections. Let them mature! he he

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