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DENR-MGB 13 joins Executive and Legislative Agenda Formulation in Surigao del Norte

Surigao del Norte has been known for its rich mineral endowment and it is for this reason that this province had become a popular destination for small scale and large scale mining investors. In the province, a large track of land was also identified as Mineral Reservation areas, which minerals are owned and managed by the State.

Considering the active presence of mining in the province, it is significant to the province that mining shall be given primary attention by the Chief Executive of the Province and by the Sangguniang Panlalawigan through legislation of laws.

On October 4-6, 2010, at the Gateway Hotel, Surigao City, MGB 13 met with the various representatives of several agencies, NGOs, POs, LGUs to formulate the Executive and Legislative Agenda of the Province. The agenda for Surigao del Norte focuses on the HEALS program of the Governor. The acronym HEALS stands for Health, Environment/Education, Agricuture, Llivelihood, Senior Citizen/Security among others.

According to the Governor, Hon. Sol F. Matugas, the province is on the right track as far as mining is concern. It is notable in the province that when Gov. Matugas assumed the post, she has been very particular on the environmental compliances of quarry , sand and gravel operators, including mining.

During the executive and legislative agenda formulation, MGB 13 is one of the agencies comprising the Environment Group to which the office participated in identifying issues and concerns on the environment and developing strategies to achieve the program of the Governor on environmental protection.

The activity is also aimed to establish and strengthen alliances of various groups for a consolidated action towards the betterment of the province.

Governor Matugas enjoined everyone to be involved and help the province set –up a system. She stressed on collection and generation of revenues for Surigao del Norte. (MGB)

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