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Justice sought for death of Abadiez

Close relatives, friends and even acquaintances of nursing student Rosalyn Abadiez, who died on Nov. 9 at a local hospital here, are now seeking justice and wanted to know the truth behind her untimely demise.

SPO1 Rodolfo Gabisay, chief of Intelligence and Investigation of the Surigao del Norte and Surigao City Office of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG), his unit has stepped into the case.

Initial investigation showed that last Nov. 3, Abadiez, a nursing student of Surigao Education Center here, arrived home with various contusions and bruises in several parts of her body.

Abadiez’ mother, Rosalina said her daughter had contusions and bruises in her head, face, back and hips.

Rosalina said her daughter confided to her that she was beaten black and blue that day Nov. 3 at her boarding house located at Kaskag, Barangay Washington, Surigao City.

She said that Rosalyn confided to her that it was her lover’s wife, mother and adopted sister who mauled her.

The mauling incident spread like wildfire among circle of friends, acquaintances and relatives of the victim in the city.

Rosalyn’s lover was allegedly a son of a prominent politician of the province.

On Nov. 9, five days after the beating and already suffering severe pain, Rosalyn was finally brought to a local hospital here after finding difficulty in breathing, experiencing too much pain and always feeling dizzy.

It was not explained why it took five days before Rosalyn was taken to hospital for medical treatment considering contusions and bruises she got after the mauling incident.

But Rosalyn’s mother alleged her daughter was taking pain reliever medicines.
Rosalyn’s uncle, Ronnie Agruda, informed by his niece fate, allegedly requested family members not to put the incident into police blotter or records so that Rosalyn’s family and her lover’s family would not be put into controversy.

Agruda admitted he was thinking Rosalyn’s ordeal would soon pass without putting both families involved into shameful limelight or controversies since the guy was a married man.

Agruda was also assuming that Rosalyn will soon medically recover after sending her to a local hospital here but Rosalyn died at about past 3 p.m. Nov. 9, hours after she was brought to Surigao Medical Hospital.

Rosalyn’s attending physician, Dr. Manuel Go, certified that the caused of Rosalyn’s death was not due to the physical harm, contusions and bruises but due to severe pulmonary hemorrhage.

But Agruda alleged that prior to the issuance of Medical Certificate in the cause of death of Rosalyn, Dr. Go allegedly told the family that Rosalyn died of Cardiac Arrest.

Victim’s immediate family members claimed they contested Dr. Go’s finding saying Rosalyn prior to the beatings was very healthy, alive and bubbly and had not showed symptoms pulmonary illness like TB or tuberculosis.

Agruda suspected that Dr. Go only changed his findings after his niece was put under X-ray machine examination.

The PNP’s Scene of the Crime Operatives (SOCO) who conducted autopsy of the victim last Nov. 16 also claimed Rosalyn’s death was not due to the beatings or mauling that caused contusions and bruises all over her body but on her lungs.

Senior Police Inspector Analie Palima, PNP Regional Crime Laboratory Services Medico-Legal Officer, said Rosalyn’s physical injuries were not the reason of her death.

“Hindi nakakamatay ang kanyang mga gasgas” Palima said.

Palina said that when they looked at Rosalyn’s internal organs, stomach and kidney, they found them bleeding already.

“Tiningnan naming ang tiyan meron hemorrhages and kidneys had hemorrhages too which come to our conclusions that the victim suffered in pain too much” Palina said.

But both Dr. Go and the PNP medico legal officer were not able to explained thoroughly if the heavy beatings and mauling Rosalyn got may have been the caused of the bleeding of her internal organs.

Rosalyn’s family recalled that the night before she was brought to the hospital, the victim took Mefenamic Acid tablet, a pain reliever.

A local weekly newspaper, Agusan-Surigao Inquirer, identified Rosalyn’s identified Rosalyn’s alleged married lover or paramour as Juniel Aldonza, son of Surigao del Norte Provincial Board member Nilo Aldonza.

The news report also allegedly identified Juniel’s wife as Mrs. Melanie Sacro-Aldonza. And since there was no police blotter in the time Rosalyn was mauled, it was not officially identified by authorities who mauled her .

The campaign for justice has already created many support the internet facebook campaign dubbed “Justice For Rosalyn” and “Surigaonon Chat”. All wanted truth and justice for the death of Rosalyn. (PNA/BSerrano)

1 comment:

CriticalThinker said...

Even so there has to be an investigation as how and why Rosalyn had bruises over her body? Don't tell me those are self-inflicted?
The attackers need to pay the price of justice for that. I cannot imagine that only 1 person did that bruises all over her body?

Police do the right thing, the citizens of Surigao demand justice for Rosalyn Abadiez.

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