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Surigao Norte towns adopt BPLS for LGUs

Four (4) local government units (LGUs) of this province will adopt the newly introduced streamlining of Business Permits & Licensing System (BPLS).

These 4 LGUs are the city of Surigao with three (3) neighboring municipalities namely: Claver, Mainit and Tubod.

The BPLS, as presented during the MOA signing at the provincial convention center recently, aimed at unifying numerous forms, confusing steps, long waiting time and assorted signatories to "provide efficient delivery of services to the public by reducing bureaucratic red tape and preventing graft and corruptions."

Some of the benefits of BPLS streamlining include an improved revenue generation, reduced time and resources spent by LGUs in the BPLS process, more complete information base on business enterprises in their localities for more informed policy and decision-making and better image for the LGU in the area of good governance.

DILG Prov'l Director Domingo Bulabug said the direct beneficiary of a streamlined BPLS is the businessman. "Less corruption and reduced time spent in registering their business redound to financial savings," he said.

It may be recalled that during the first SONA of President Benigno S. Aquino III, he emphasized that on top of the agenda for development of his Administration is job generation.

"While we look for more ways to streamline our processes to make business start-ups easier, I hope the LGUs can also find ways to implement reforms that will be consistent with the ones we have already started," Aquino said.

With this, the DILG and DTI responded to this pronouncement through the BPLS. (PIA-Surigao del Norte)


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...seems like a copycat of what was suggested to LMDA thru the PIDJANGA BLOG years ago as to how Mainit lake ought be managed effectively and with such efficiency by making a ONE-STOP-OFFICE to deal with permits, licenses, etc.with specific rules and requirements being instituted and promulgated along the lines of a sound business atmosphere rather than along the lines of political fraternization...

Anonymous said...

Copy cat?...That's the reason why people should post their "constructive" comments so our leaders would know...they would be guided. By posting "constructive" comments one is already doing a good service to the community.

Anonymous said...

FOR THE LOVE OF MAINIT (The lake) - while i am and used to be from the city (Surigao that is) my travels to and from Lanao since childhood (circa 1960)often mesmerized me with that islet view while negotiating the winding curve and steep ascent after Magpayang heading to Butuan and see by dawn that small craggy precipice in the lake that when viewed from a distance at a certain angle seems like the gaping mouth of a huge hungry crocodile for which was known to exist, but those were the days...and now the complications of economics, energy, endowed mineral resources and ecology are so entertwined that often times get muddled in a vast sea of comments/suggestions - good and bad - even to a point that some deem it their own when as a matter of fact it's nothing more than plagiarism plain and simple...nevertheless, or in plain language, anyway, if it's for the good of Mainit and Surigao then the suggestion offered or expert advise that was made is gratis and no remuneration required...if only those "Leaders" could give some thought about the suggestion re- Hydroelectric (again from me) rather than a coal powered powerplant then everyone will benefit and ease the problem of water shortage in highly urbanized areas like Surigao city and at the same time harness the lakes perennial flooding (guob) and solution to irrigation in and around the area to quantify, maximize, fully utilize the excess water for that sole purpose rather than emptying it out to the sea, by then my consultancy needs to be fully explained and explored in detail.

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