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TMC to launch ‘Hulagway’ exhibit on Thursday

A photo and art exhibit billed as ‘Hulagway’ (cebuano word for moods and images), will be launched on Thursday, November 25, 2010 at the Taganito Mining Corporation (TMC) Minesite in Brgy. Taganito, Claver this province.

According to TMC Community Relations Officer Chatty Gambe, “’Hulagway’ will showcase responsible mining through photos, paintings, murals on concrete garden benches and a flower garden.”

Hulagway is part of the Development Communication Program of TMC’s Community Relations and Development Section. As such, it is conceived as a ‘silent communicator’ on a 24-hour daily shift. “The community has to know what TMC is doing and what benefits accrue to the host mining communities because of TMC’s operation and to be aware of the various ways the company takes care of the environment,” Gambe added.

Claver Mayor Rosemarie Gokiangkee will be the guest of honor. The guest list consist mainly of all the stakeholders from the host mining community of TMC, consisting of the four barangays, namely: Taganito, Urbiztondo, Hayanggabon, and Cagdianao; and representatives of government line agencies, as well as People’s Organizations, and NGOs.

TMC, which started commercial operations in 1989, is now a major player in the mining industry in the region today. TMC’s claim area is 4,876.56 hectares. It is about 71 kilometers southeast of Surigao City. To date, 200 hectares of its total claim area has been developed into mining areas, haulage roads, and minesite facilities. TMC has been direct-shipping nickel ore to its partner in Japan, the Pacific Metals Company or PAMCO, and recently, to China, uninterrupted, for the last 23 years.

It has consistently been awarded for its progressive rehabilitation activities, having planted 237.40 hectares of its mining area with a total of 395, 761 trees, to date. Tree species were agoho or casuarina, acacia mangium, auri coliformis, and some species indigenous to the area, like payuspos and magkuno. At any given time, the company’s nursery has about 50,000 potted seedlings available.

In the country, one of the very few nickel mining companies which have weathered the crash of nickel price in the global market today is Taganito Mining Corporation or TMC.

There are several reasons for its famed stability: One, its sustained efforts at best practices in labor management, environmental protection, and community relations and development; two, its sound and efficient production management; and three, its ability to look into the future and plan strategic responses to market trends and its ability to roll with the punches, so to speak.

‘Hulagway’, the photo and art exhibit, will be open to all for the next three months before it is redesigned and updated with more recent photos. (TMC/PIA-SdN)


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