DOH: Firecrackers victims down by 21%

The Department of Health regional office records a decline of firecrackers-related injuries by 21% as of last years, compared to the same period the other year.

DOH-Center for Health Development Regional Epidemiologist Dr. Gerna Manatad presented their data during a press conference, Tuesday morning, showing that per records from December 2008 to January 5, 2009 has shown 14 cases of burn, laceration, blasting and eye injuries. For the same period last year, (December 2009-January 5, 2010) recorded only 11 cases of blasting, eye injury and burn, a decrease of 21 %.

The common injury-causing type of firecrackers were the piccolo, kwitis, triangle and bawang. However, no fatality was recorded.

Dr. Manatad explains that DOH Caraga cumulative data for the last five years (December, 2005-January 5, 2010) reflects intermittency as to the number of cases, types of injuries, types of firecrackers and fatality. For the year 2005-2006, there were seven (7) cases recorded. The type of injuries ranges from avulsion with amputation, burns, and blasting. The injury-causing firecrackers included the Pla-pla, Superlolo, kwitis, triangle, fountain and piccolo. There was no fatality recorded during the period.

The following year (2006-2007) the number of cases rose to eleven (11). The types of injuries were blasting, lacerated wound and some unspecified. The injury-causing firecrackers included the Superlolo, fountain, triangle a stray bullet and unspecified. There was one fatality recorded during the period. During the next year (2007-2008), the number of cases again declined to eight (8). The types of injuries recorded included avulsion with amputation, burns, blasting injuries, abrasion and an unspecified. The injury-causing firecrackers included the fountain, triangle, piccolo, whistle bomb and an unspecified.

The highest number of cases was recorded the following period (2008-2009) with fourteen (14) cases. The types of injuries included blasting injury, eye injury, burn and laceration. The types of injury-causing firecrackers included the piccolo, kwitis, triangle and bawang.

As it had been mentioned earlier, last year (2009-2010) recorded 11 cases. No fatalities were recorded during the said periods.

As to the distribution of firecracker-related injuries within the period, Butuan City topped the list with 14 cases, followed by Tandag City with 10; Surigao City, 8; Surigao del Sur, 7; Agusan del Sur, 5; Agusan del Norte,3; Bislig City, 2 and Surigao del Norte with 1 case.

Regarding age group, most of the victims were children aged 0-10 years old and as to the gender, most victims were boys or males; 5 in (2005-2006), 10 in (2006-2007), 8 in (2007-2008), 11 in (2008-2009) and 10 in (2009-2010). Compared to girls or females, only 2 were recorded in (2005-2006), 1 in (2006-2007), 0 in (2007-2008), 3 in (2008-2009) and 1 in (2009-2010).

Dr. Manatad is hoping that the statistics of the firecracker-related injuries victim will reflect much lower downtrend this year. (Noel B. Najarro, The Butuan Star/PIA-Caraga)

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