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Night Surfing Countdown in Siargao

Night surfing Countdown (Photo: cloudninesurf.com)

The 10 x 1000 watt lights that were purchased in China 3 months ago have finally arrived at the Cloud Nine Night Surfing Headquarters in Siargao after being held up in Manila Airport by Philippine Customs. The lights and cables are being installed in the tower 24/7 due to electricians only being able to access the tower from low tide which is at 11am and then 11pm which is proving to be quite a tedious job for those involved.

Some people find this as an interesting concept in the surfing world and some find it as a questionable project. There are skeptic circles in the island that has some degree of doubt regarding the strength of the lights etc. Yet electrical and building engineers as well as many professorial surfers and surf event organisers have put many long hours and large amounts of money to ensure 100% that this will be an amazing success as the worlds first night surfing. Just to make sure no one is endangered and left in the dark by a black out or power failure Cloud Nine Night Surfing management have installed a UPS (unlimited power supply) providing emergency power if the main source of electricity fails.

They also have 3 fully trained,equipped and internationally certified and recognized lifeguards keeping a watchful eye at all times (2 lifeguards in the water and 1 in the tower). There will be different means of communication – loud halers and also hand signals.

The opening of the Cloud Nine Night Surfing has also been moved to New Years Eve Friday 31st of December 2010 and will host the best male and female surfers in the Philippines – Osot, Carlito, Dodo, Piso, Arkipo, Paul John, Philmar, Neldy , Nelvy and Manette were all guaranteed for some amazing surfing from high flying airs to deep long barrel rides.

There will be two by 1hr demonstration starting from 9pm to 11pm with some awesome entertainment to start the New Year off for 2011. San Miguel Corporation is sponsoring the opening night starting at 7pm with a live band, food, drinks and plenty of giveaways. People from all parts of the world will also be able to watch the live surfing at Cloud Nine 24/7 both night and day via the live web cam at www.cloudninenightsurfing.com. (cloudninesurf.com)

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