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Nitoy’s BOSS Party: A crack in the wall of Padajon Surigao?

Mayor Nitoy Matugas
Approximately 100 days into office, City Mayor Ernesto “Nitoy” Matugas appears likely to be taking himself out from the shell of political party Padajon Surigao and aggressively organized his own group BOSS (Baruganan Oportunidad Serbisyong Surigaonon) despite the raising eyebrows of some of his party-mates and clueless allies of Padajon, the local party founded by his brother congressman Lalo Matugas.

The snowballing issue of a possible conflict in the context of principle between Mayor Nitoy and his party-circle in Padajon is becoming more evident as the new city leadership stands out with its own political identity.

The same observations also aired by local analysts that Nitoy’s independent political path could spell a not remote possibility of collision of interest among padajon surigao stalwarts particularly the rumored clash between him and the Romarate’s in 2013 midterm elections.

Mr. Balgamelo “Baby” Ma, the controversial city hall figure and Nitoy’s most trusted political whisperer admitted to Karaga News Central that organizing BOSS is an apparent approach to end up gridlock of interests within their local party Padajon Surigao.

“What we did here is simply putting our priorities in placed. Padajon Party as a whole have different priorities in terms of developmental concerns and others, here, we can move independently for the goodwill of the Surigaonons without taking prejudice of the interests of others”, Ma said.

Stand still

In contrast, former City Mayor Alfonso Casurra has belied claims that the creation of Nitoy’s BOSS party could weaken his (Casurra’s) existing political clout in the city in response to reports that the primary targets for recruitment of BOSS are Pon’s trusted leaders and loyal followers.

However, Atty. Casurra simply described the issue as an ordinary political game plan and only indicates that all incumbent officials in Surigao del Norte have individual political agenda.

“Everybody has the right to organize groups. If that organization eventually turns into a political party, we just don’t know what would be the effect to their existing local party and that is for us to look forward too, but I don’t want to speculate things” Casurra said.

In reaction to reports that his loyalists were the priority target for recruitment, Casurra said “If they will be successful then we can do nothing, but we are trying to hold-on to our people especially to our loyal supporters. I just want to re-assure the Surigaonons that our group with the Barbers will remain intact and formidable until 2013” he said. (Natz Corbeta, Karaga News Central)


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Anonymous said...

WHY??...this (self)proclaiming political pundits at its nascency, try to perform some sort of peristaltic maneuvering to perpetuate their political plutocracy at the expense of its principals (Surigaonons) and placing in the backburners their political promises to be subservient...and yet, it seems like no one wants to learn from these all too often pathetic-political hell-hole mistakes!!! ....

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