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Harvard study finds that Filipinos are the world’s most gullible people

As Pinoys fall for the acid rain hoax, a study finds that Filipinos are gullible.
According to a study released by the Harvard Institute of Socio-Political Progression (HIS-PP), the Philippines ranks first among the world’s most gullible races.

The study involved content analyses of over 500,000 historical documents from 300 different societies. The documents were then evaluated according to a quantitative metric called the Gump Index.

“Each instance of gullibility in a people’s ancient and historical records has corresponding points in the Gump Index. These points are co-related with the lifespan of the society and its average educational attainment,” said Dr. Samuel Sean Dawson of HIS-PP.

Filipinos scored 1,344,399 points, placing it first, ahead of the Trojans of 12th Century BC, who scored 1,086. “The gross Trojan Gump Index was higher than Filipinos’, but it was offset by the fact that the Trojans are a dead civilization,” said Dawson.

According to the report, examples of Filipino gullibility include:

*“Sandugo” or the blood compacts betweer Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and Datu Sikatuna, and Ferdinand Magellan and Raja Humabon — ploys which led to the brutal Spanish colonization of the Philippines, but are still celebrated by Filipinos as a sign of friendship;
*The continuing belief that circumcision is common practice in Christianity;
*The Mock Battle of Manila Bay;
*Popular belief that Agapito Flores invented the fluorescent bulb;
*Popular belief that Eduardo San Juan invented the moon buggy;
*Popular belief that an ophidian humanoid resides in a Manila shopping mall.

“What’s curios about the Filipino condition is that despite a respectable literacy rate, many of its people still believe that condoms cause cancer — or that Appolo Quilboloy, CEO of Kingdom of Jesus Christ, The Name Above Every Name, Inc. is the son of God,” said Dawson.

According to the study, the causes of this gullibility include the inability to question information and an over-reliance on interpersonal sources. “For Filipinos, a tsunami warning from the government does less than a mother’s directive to avoid the sea because of syokoys (mermen),” it notes.

HIS-PP is also looking into genetic and biological factors. The organization is currently experimenting with the live brains of volunteer patients, and will release their findings next year.

“539 of our subjects are Filipino. It was very easy to get them. All we had to do is post a listing at POEA that said ‘Teachers Wanted’,” said Dr. Dawson. Mosquito Press

1 comment:

reynonearlan said...

little do they know that Filipinos are also magulang, matuso, maloko. haha

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