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Surigao Norte intensifies environmental protection

Governor Sol Matugas intensifies its environmental protection campaign by launching the “Kalimpyo, Kahapsay, Surigao” recently at the Luneta Kiosk which was followed immediately by a simultaneous clean up in the main city thorough fares.

Provincial Environment Management Officer In-Charge Ivonnie B. Dumadag said the program in consonance to the province-wide campaign under the HEALS program, underscores cleanliness and proper waste management of the province of Surigao del Norte. Furthermore, it encourages people province-wide to participate in environmental protection in the hope that community partnership will make a difference to improve the environment.

It also aims to raise the community’s awareness on environmental matters, particularly, proper waste management, it also encourages policy support from local government units relative to environment protection, decrease the litter problem among urban and rural as well as coastal and non- coastal communities all over the province, encourage community participation thru involvement in the clean up drive, and increase community awareness in the problem of pollution and its negative effect to the environment.

On the other hand, the PEMO also created the Kalimpyo, Kahapsay Surigao Project Team which will act as the lead body in the planning and implementation of the different cleanliness campaign in the province. The team is composed of agencies/organizations which includes the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Department of Education (DepED), Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), the academe, religious and private sector, socio-civic organizations, people’s organization and NGO’s among others.

A separate launching program will be conducted in the different municipalities in the province to be initiated by the Municipal Mayors. (Surigao Norte Prov’l Information Center)

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Hemantayon said...

While the lady governor's environmental protection campaign is a virtue worthy of praise by any Surigaonon, 'Kalimpyo, kahapsay,Surigao' eclipses its goal in one simple yet poignant way,
How? due to the simple fact that while cleaning up, it sure addresses the health and safety issues, yet, it is profoundly the reverse of environmental protection as what is being done here is moving one environmental headache (waste disposal) from one place to another... in other words the so-called 'protection' is not only abated as an eyesore (missing/ minimized) but is merely transferred or moved... and while management of such waste is part and parcel of such measure, no one, and i say no one (for sure), wants it in his own backyard!!.
What should be given more thought and emphasis is educating the young, the youth in our schools and passing laws and ordinances (city and or municipal) for the adult citizenry to adhere and get penalized (multa) or do community service or both. that way it will not only harm their pockets and learn from their mistakes but also inculcate in their minds that the government is serious in implementing one.
Environmental protection as viewed is more of a proactive approach and not reactive, because what is done (mitigating disaster) while not pretty late, defeats the idea.

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