5 dead as motorboat capsizes off Surigao City

SURIGAO CITY - Four children and a woman were drowned after their pump boat capsized off the waters of Barangay Manjagao in Surigao City Wednesday afternoon, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) reported Friday.
PCG said pump boat “Charmel Jade,” with 12 passengers on board, was enroute to Cagayan Fish Cage off Barangay Madjagao when strong winds and big waves hit it at about 11:00 a.m. Wednesday.
Mrs. Edith Cabasa, owner and boat captain of the vessel, said they departed Manjagao at about 11 a.m. Wednesday and while enroute to Cagayan Fish Cage for a swimming venture, strong winds and big waves battered the pump boat, causing the boat to tilt and eventually capsized.
Seven of the 12 passengers managed to cling to the pumpboat while the five other persons drowned, she said.
Fortunately, Pumpboat “Anna Joy,” which as transiting in the area at 1:00 p.m., sighted the victims and immediately rendered rescue assistance and retrieval of fatalities. It also took the victims back to the shoreline of Manjagao.
The dead victims were identified as follows:1) Charmel S. Cabasa – 1 ½ years old2) Jhon Laster B. Sila – 2 ½ years old3) Kim Claire S. Suan – 4 years old4) Lysa Maricela B. Sila – 9 years old5) Rena B. Sila – 34 years old
The rescued passengers were taken to their respective homes while awaiting the local embalmer for the proper disposition of the cadavers. Leilani Junio/PNA

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