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Advocates to launch all-out war against human trafficking in Northeastern Mindanao

Advocates in Northeastern Mindanao are set to sign a covenant on Monday in Surigao City, declaring an all out-war against human trafficking.

Representatives of various organizations from different sectors including faith-based organizations are set to converge in Surigao City to throw their full support against human trafficking, it was learned.

Also participating in the signing of the covenant are the multinational companies, marketing organizations, transport industries, communities, law enforcers, government agencies, private organizations and media.

Organizers of the said big affair said the concerned groups are in unison to stop the endless flow of Filipino women and children who are trapped in the hands of criminal traffickers and suffer inhumane treatment as sex slaves and bonded laborers, stripped of their freedom and dignity under the guise of safe migration.

It was also gathered that the commitment signing is part of 2009 Women's Month celebration activities of Surigao del Norte province.

This year's celebration is anchored on the theme "Babae, Yaman Ka Ng Bayan."

Visayan Forum Foundation Inc. (VFFI), a non-government organization (NGO) who works for the protection and justice of the trafficked women and children, said the covenant will put into action the pledges of the different stakeholders to inform the public about this menace of the society.

The vital role of the stakeholders is to report and prevent trafficking activities; and protect and empower victims of human trafficking said VFFI officials.

In that signing of covenant, the group will also pass a resolution, copies to be submitted to law enforcement agencies, particularly the police for a will coordinated effort in putting an end to the worsening human trafficking problem in the region.

Surigao del Norte Gov. Ace Barbers and Surigao City Mayor Alfonso Casurra are both fully supporting the Monday activity in that northeastern tip city of Caraga region, it was also learned. (PNA)

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I can honestly say; this country is in the making of Freedom of speech, various agencies conjoint are making a different; finally woman’s rights are being heard. We are living in the country were laws and human rights starting to effect. We the people of the Philippines should be proud for what we become, it taking us so long to get there but finally the time has come. Tata G.

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