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Cebedo & Barbers instill Participatory Democracy thru SMOC & People’s Day at Bacuag

On February 19, 2009, Mayor Sheila Mae Orquina-Cebedo and Governor Robert Ace Barbers instill a participatory democracy in this municipality through the SMOC (Services for Massive Organized Community) program during People’s Day. Mayor Cebedo and Governor Barbers impart to the people that the government is established by the people for their own benefit and protection. Thus, there is a need that the sovereign people should be consulted in identifying priority projects of the municipal and provincial governments so that the public servants could efficiently and effectively perform their duties and functions.

During the event, Mayor Cebedo and Governor Barbers deliver basic services directly to the people. Mayor Cebedo said that this is one of her concerns under the SMOC program in order tp smooth out the needed services of the people, regardless of their political affiliation. SMOC covers program on health, agriculture, infrastructure, local civil registry, treasury, and social work & development. She would like to transform the municipality into a self-sufficient, self reliant and world-class eco tourism destination.

On the other hand, Governor Barbers said that he is launching People’s Day tp every local government unit of this province, in coordination with the Chief Executive, in order to bring the government closer to the people. And during open forum, they can ask issues of public concerns and propose measures for good governance.

The People’s day is attended by the Board Members of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan: Victor Borja, Regina Alaan, Dr. Isabelita Edera, and Ebro Joy B. Orquina; provincial and municipal departments heads; members of the Sangguniang Bayan; medical and dental doctors; and personnel of the Provincial Health Office. (Surigao Quest)


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