I am not running for Congress - Casurra

Surigao City Mayor Pons Casurra stressed yesterday he is definitely not running for Congressman in the next years’ election despite strong endorsements from many sectors.

Casurra said he will make formal declarations of political plans this month but running for a congressional seat is out of the picture. The city mayor did not explain why he was not interested to run for Congress but speculations are that either the seat has been reserved for a Barbers candidate like Robert Dean or a deal has been struck with Malacanang strategists to keep Casurra in good relations with Rep. Jun Romarate and Rep. Lalo Matugas.

There had been strong speculations in the past that the city mayor was the likely candidate who could give Romarate a run for his money in the solon’s re election bid next year.

The rumors died down down however when word got around that Casurra and Romarate continued to maintain good relations despite the worsening feud between the Barbers and the Matugas-Romarate tandem.

Reports also said that the Barbers brothers are trying to convince the City Mayor to run for Vice Governor in tandem with Gov. Ace Barbers.

Many observers predict that a Casurra declaration this month of his political plans will definitely preview which side of the political fence, Casurra will take in next years’ election.

As it is, there are some skepticism that the Casurra alliance with Barbers brothers will hold if the Barbers turn opposition party next elections.

Casurra, is dyed in the wool Arroyo loyalist and it was held unlikely he will go against the administration party.

Similarly, the planned merger of LAKAS and KAMPI nationwide was expected to be dumped in Surigao del Norte because of the intense political rivalry between the two parties. (IMPACT)

source: The Balatucan Monitor


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