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Erap Estrada to visit Surigao City Today

Former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada is set to visit Surigao City today, March 13 to continue his nationwide goodwill tour called "Lakbay Pasasalamat."

Margeux Salcedo, Estrada's spokesperson, the "Lakbay Pasasalamat" is Estrada's way of thanking fans who supported him through thick and thin.

"When he was in jail in Tanay for six years, he promised himself na kung makakalabas siya, he'll go around and thank his supporters. It is for [former] Pres. Estrada to thank the Filipino masses for never forgetting him even if he was incarcerated, even if he was accused [of plunder, graft, and corruption]," she said.

Other expected personalities to arrive in Surigao City are Atty. Adel Tamano, Cagayan de Oro City Rep. Rufus Rodriguez, former Senate President Ernesto Maceda, actor Rez Cortez and Mrs. Gina de Venecia, wife of former House Speaker Jose de Venecia.

Just yesterday, Estrada was in Butuan City and to the surprise of the customers he decided to stop at Gaisano Mall and eat at a Jollibee outlet there. (Surigao Today)



Anonymous said...

That’s nice if that’s only his intention but I have doubt his trying to get a
Grip how do the people react on him after found guilty on corruption. I truly believe this is a political strategic process ready for upcoming election.

I hope we Filipino people realize we are in New Era we need a politician that can deliver truth not just promises; we kind a have freedom of speech we have a choice, just please choice it wisely for the good of our country

Here’s the reason you should think before you vote

1. Erap has his chance being a President; but he just blow it.

2. Serving your country should be Journey not a Destination’s; but instead he made it his destination with out any journey of hardship and scarifies for the people. It means he made a bank for his own good.
3. What I would like to hear from him is to say; I’m Sorry for what I did. It was proven by the court of law he was found guilty.

4. Our country cannot afford a second chance. We are in a deeper hole. We have to be smart who we vote for the upcoming election that would deliver to us.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Erap has all the right to do what he wants, he is entitled to it. It is his right to redeem himself as well. Besides, he was unjustly removed from his post. There was a conspiracy, and this has to be corrected.

Erap pa rin. And Erap might just make it again to the presidency. The "masa" will still support him, and that is one thing which other presidentiables doesn't have.

Vox Popoli, vox Dei.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Estrade is still popular but what do you see in that person? Of course he can redeem himself but not as president or any political position.
It was proven even when Ramos was president that he was not suited as a politician, and as president he was an embarrassment to us Filipinos.
If anyone is serious to vote him he really should think twice and contemplate on what kind of future you want to give us and our children.

"Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me"

Anonymous said...

That’s your opinion I respect that; but I think your screwed up you are the kind of person why this country is sinking in. I wish you would wake up and smell the coffee, There is no such thing is conspiracy; justice prevail the truth. You just planted it into your mind it because you are a big supporter of him. Hope you see how our people suffered on luck of job and still a 3rd world country after all what we have, People like you no good judgment and not make any sense at all. Erap only looking out for himself, his making himself rich he don't care the country nor the poor people.

Anonymous said...

This is a new era; I have confident our new Generation they would pick a President who can deliver solution not promises. I know We Filipino people are clinging to his promises never deliver. Don’t vote for Erap remember his slogan Erap is for Mahirap it doesn’t work at all. Instead he buried poor people into a bigger hole. Vote for the President you think can turn around Philippines for the good.

Anonymous said...

Good entry;I agree with you i cannot even emagine what future of our children having a politician like erap. We will be in worse shape than what we have right now.

Anonymous said...

Give me a presidential cantidate who will not succumb to this rotten political system of our country and I will vote for him.

We really haven't learned our lesson, do we?

It is not who will be in the position but how do the elected official go along with the flow of this rotten system of government.

I am just feel frustrated with the present situation of our country. If whoever will sit on that presidential post come this 2010 would still dont have the will and capacity to change the system, then the cycle will start over again.

Please, I urge you brothers to be vigilant this time. lets change our perspective in the system. Learn to say "NO" to what is wrong. Stand up and fight for the right thing. This may be our last chance to change the status our country.

It doesn't need great amount of effort but contant action in our daily lives could change this system. If we do the right thing all the time then we, as a collective Filipino nation, could as well change everything worst in our country.

I hope this will to change could start now....

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