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Execution of order sought

Dinagat Islands Representative Ruben Ecleo has been asked to pay damages to the municipality of San Jose in Surigao del Norte in the amount of P2.8 million.

In his motion filed before the Sandiganbayan First Division, Special Prosecutor Diosdado Calonge sought from the court to execute judgement on the civil liability of Ecleo, who was convicted of graft in 2006, along with two of his staff.

The known “supreme leader’’ of the religious group Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association (PBMA) was implicated in several alleged anomalous building projects when he was still mayor of San Jose, Surigao del Norte from 1991 to 1994.

“The Sandigan resolution dated October 13, 2006, which is being assailed by the accused, issues a warrant to execute decision and which incorporates order of

execution pertains to criminal aspect without reference to civil liability. Our independent motion pertains to civil action,’’ said Calonge.

“In our prayers, we asked the court to order a writ of execution to enforce a judgement on the solidary civil liability of the accused by the sum P2.8 million in favor of San Jose Surigao del Norte,’’ he said.

According to Calonge, there are instances when the court sometimes overlooked the enforcement of a civil liability.

A writ of execution is a court order granted in an attempt to satisfy a monetary judgement obtained by a plaintiff. This is usually issued after a court decision has been made, and/or when some defendants ignore judgements against them.

Last January 28, the anti-graft court First Division ordered for the second time the arrest of Ecleo, who since the guilty verdict rendered on him, have evaded capture due to several motions he filed with the same court and the Supreme Court (SC). (Shianee Mamanglu)


Anonymous said...

This latest news about Ecleo is one that i will follow with lots of anticipation...and the reason why? Knowing our justice system that flip-flop from one decision to another and reversing their action like a pendulum, the next thing you'll know and read on the news is that what is sought is the 'order of execution' and maybe this time it has finality....hehehe.

Anonymous said...

so that is why he needs to leave his post. keep me updated thanks

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