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News Analysis: Supreme Court flip-flops and politics, Casurra-Romarate shares common grounds…

Two highly respected political giants in Surigao del Norte who were once political rivals have shared familiar ideas on the uneven justice rendered by the highest court, same observations by many and equal to other political analysts view’s.

Second district Representative Jun Romarate and Atty. Pons Casurra, President of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines Surigao del Norte chapter have common observation on the recent flip-flopping by the Supreme Court on the Dinagat case and other nation’s landmark litigations which triggers suspicion on the trustworthiness of the country’s justice system.

As the IBP President of Surigao, Atty. Casurra was vocal enough in questioning the predictability and stability of SC judgment pertaining to its finality based on the Entry of Judgment and Motion for Execution issued by the same court.

The rules of court clearly speaks well that a second motion for reconsideration is considered a prohibited pleading and a mere scrap of paper. Casurra explained that the lawyers in general were in limbo following the controversy.

It was totally not an isolated case for Dinagat but in the case of the 16 Cities and the celebrated Vizconde Massacre where every lawyer needs an explanation on how and why it gone through.

In a separate interview with the Karaga News Central, Congressman Romarate bares his non-conventional observation as he described the recent judgment as squid-like verdict where the predictability of their decision is out of the picture.

However, the solon still manage to uphold the integrity and credibility of the SC as an institution by saying those magistrates are knowledgeable enough to weigh things, over the controversial flip-flopping, but still implying his layman’s query on how it happened.

Romarate, the only PhD. holder in the congressional history in the province said that under the iota of democracy, anything can happen and there is always an explanation behind any judgment.

Ended, as a democratic nation, “Anyone can file their motion for reconsideration to re-justify their cause in court”, he said.

In the political context, both Congressman Romarate and Atty. Casurra have proven their worth and demonstrated an exquisite leadership par excellent. Their once rivalry could be just an incident of what they called “game of chance” and an exception to the general rules, but in real score, both politicians have shared common ground to serve the Surigaonons.

The ‘politician’s dictum’ that they are screwed permanently with their present allies may not as precise as we think this time as local observers predicted a possible switching of political alliances this 2011 among local players of politics in the province of Surigao del Norte.

An anecdote which says’ politics produces strange bed-fellows may not or may happen this year, as turn of events are obviously appearing closely imminent.

The speculations may not be faultless said an analyst, but vital signs of indifferences of political agenda and strategies among incumbent officials are being cited as factors of “risks and vulnerabilities” that might cause possible clash between friends and possible merger between foes. (Natz Corbeta, Editor/Publisher, Karaga News Central)


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