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GL is venue for 2013 Asean Games for Surfing

In another distinctive international sports gathering, the town of General Luna which is tagged as the ”Surfing Capital of Asia” is the future venue of the first ever surfing event for the Asean Games which is set to be held on 2013.

Mayor Jaime Rusillon said he already have received a formal communication from the Department of Tourism informing him such wonderful news that will soon give another prestige to Surigao del Norte.

“Surfing being a prelude sport in the Asean Games is now also given recognition by the Olympic Movement as a worldwide sport and soon to be included as one of the sports events in the Olympic Games”.

“ I am so proud to inform the Surigaonons that aside from being the venue for the annual International Surfing Cup, now Gen. Luna is soon to be home for the Asean Games for surfing”, Rusillon said.

The 2013 Asean Games is set to be held in Cebu City, however, Cloud Nine in General Luna being known to be one of the 5 best breaks in world is the venue for the surfing event as part of the lined-sports in the Asean games.

Mayor James Rusillon being also tagged as the “FATHER OF PHILIPPINE SURFING” is now trying to improve the basic infrastructure facilities in General Luna in preparation for the said international gathering.

“We are hoping that the funds will be release for the repair of the catwalk and the observation tower in the Cloud Nine so that it will be smooth-sailing the time come we will be hosting the Asean Games”.

As part of the preparation, the local government of GL is also planning to purchase a lot located at the entrance of Cloud Nine in Barangay Katangnan for establishment of a surfing park which will soon provide another landmark for tourism in GL that will also serves as the resting park for the surfers and other tourists, Rusillon said. (NiƱa Herrera, Karaga News Central)


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