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DoT cites tourism sites in Caraga

Department of Tourism (DoT) Secretary Joseph Ace Durano Saturday said that the Caraga Region is now among the tourist destinations in the country, citing surfing and fishing in Siargao Island in Surigao del Norte, and the various marine and coastal attractions in the provinces of Agusan and Surigao.

“Many potential tourism areas are already existing and still to be developed in this region,” said Durano who at the same time is the Caraga Region Cabinet Officer for Regional Development (CORD).

Durano was in this city leading the recently concluded three-day mega jobs fair at a downtown resort, hotel and convention center here.

He also asked the governors and mayors in the region to continue developing their identified tourism areas “because tourism is one of your industry in this region.”

According Durano, “Butuan City, Agusan and Surigao and Caraga in general, is one of the latest additions of the beautiful regions of the country that is of top priority under DoT for tourism development.”

“I am so happy that I was appointed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as CORD for the Caraga Region because I can concentrate now on your tourism areas for development,” said Durano.

“However, all things set for the benefits of the people will not be achieved without the full support of all the regional directors from all departments and agencies of the government and local officials,” he stressed. (MUC, Manila Bulletin)

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