Kidney Disease is on the Rise in Caraga Region

Kidney disease is on the rise here in Caraga Region based on the Department of Health Regional Office 2004 to 2008 statistics of patients who underwent dialysis treatment.
Caraga Regional Hospital in Surigao City posted the highest number at 36, followed by 31 from Miranda Hospital, 22 from Butuan Doctor’s Hospital and 21 in MJ Santos Hospital in Butuan.

Statistics showed that 63% are male patients, while 36% are female who are requiring dialysis for life in order to survive.

DOH said, often there are no symptoms until kidney disease reaches the later stages including kidney failure and as the country celebrates National Kidney Month this June with the theme “Kidneys are two — one to care, one to share,” health personnel intensified its campaign to create awareness among the populace through advocacy and networking to prevent the further rise in number.

DOH Regional Director Leonita Gorgolon said that early detection prevents chronic disease conditions and can be treated with medications and lifestyle changes.

“When the function of the kidney is compromised then it results in a variety of symptoms, particularly swelling of the hands and feet, frequent thirst, increased fatigue and sleepiness, decrease in appetite, poor growth, the passing of very small amounts of urine, unpleasant taste in the mouth and urine-like odor to the breath, pale skin, excessively dry, persistently itchy skin, shortness of breath, and a frequent urge to urinate”, added Dr. Gorgolon.

Kidney disease is the 10th leading cause of death in the Philippines. (

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